Demos 2016

by The Hobby

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A collection of demos that I have been working on in 2015-16. Someday I'll take them to a studio.

Thanks for jamming.


released June 3, 2016

Gabe Massey - writing, recording, mixing
Luke Strahm - Artwork



all rights reserved


The Hobby Wenatchee, Washington

Started in 2012, The Hobby is a music project where I rock out and write sad words to sad melodies.

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Track Name: Veins (Demo)

Come over on a cheap afternoon
Taste the air in the shadowy room
Switch my moods with a light in your eyes, dark glow
Patch the holes in your disguise

Cause I've been waiting for moments like this to come on
And take me by surprise, every time
When I look in the mirror, I wonder "what am i doing here
With the veins under your skin?"

Bounce ideas off each other with grace
Never question why we're here in this place
City lights blink and transfer your thoughts, all around
Oh what we'd give to just leave this town

This is more than I bargained for
Jumping with my heart in my hand

Spring left and summers in full swing
And you never said anything
To put you feelings on display
And let me know the truth today

A time bomb before it starts to explode
Its saving grace are the stones you used to throw
Tied up and left for dead
Don't let it go to your head

When I saw you off at the station
With a sideways look from your hazy eyes
The train took off, no second glance

So this is goodbye.
Track Name: Sirens (Demo)

Drowned my feelings in a bath of neon lights
The ones that glow in the house of people tonight
A constant blur of unfamiliar faces
I don’t know how I got so jaded

It seemed to happen all at once
From the dorms in the trees to the streets to the makeup smudged
Across your face, you tried to perfect
The times that you always will forget

I’m having trouble seeing what I’m doing wrong
At this time in my life, I’m more than a
Dark cloud through the moving halls, a
Blank space in the writing on the wall

Now I know that I have made my mark
In the minds of those who live in the dark
Carefree decisions, the time of my life
Regrets of morning pushed to the side

I hated everything I’ve done
I hated everything that I’ve become
I hated everything about the things I do
But now I fall under the tide, hold my head, I’m turning blue

We didn't know that the sirens led this way
We didn't know that the pillars fell today
We didn't know that the kingdom crumbled down
It was just a night out on the town

We didn't see what the warning signs displayed
We didn't see that their eyes were blind by rage
Now it's too late to go back and make this right
I've gone too far to go back and make this right

I've gone too far, and I can't come back.
Track Name: Truth/Dare (Demo)

He found her in a smoky dream between the bottles
Of hope and desperation

Pink hues and bubblegum blue
Coat the walls of the living room
With glowing streamers and curtains ablaze
From the truth hidden between the days

Let's play a game of truth or dare
How long do you expect to live?
It takes all night, to fully digest
These sins you never will forgive

Pour your life, into your mouth, "I hate the way my voice sounds"
"Why can't I feel anything?"

Take a seat on this little ride
A couple drinks will show what's inside this locket heart with a faded scene
This picture remains a faded memory

Sometimes I get the strangest feeling, that I've hit a wall
With eyes too dark and red to show
Cleanse your wounds, with cigarettes and alcohol
Cause the mind is too stable to explode

She found him, on the bedroom floor with bedroom sores
Asking "why would you do this to me?"

By this time you're too late,
the poisons entered my veins, and I can hear the bells sounding over the hills

And there's no point in helping out
Cause nothing can save me now
Water in the lungs, and a fire in my head and in my soul

Constantly surrounded by people that I dream of everyday
So there's no point in helping out
Cause nothing can save me now

Don't let them in, don't let it show
Don't let them in, don't let me go

And I'll never find what I was looking for

With you.
Track Name: Conversations (Demo)

Let's give it a night, for counting all these jumping sheep
And counting all the reasons for these little secrets you always keep
And with this night all to myself, all I can picture is you with someone else
But something we have in common, our hearts are beating just the same

I need to hear those words on the last pages of every book
I've ever read, in preparation for moments like this
Those painful seven letters, one for every deadly day
That we destroy under the guise of love, when we know in our hearts, "it's over"

Like the time that i waited out in the pouring rain
We froze along the sidewalk, waiting for the call of another game
Or, when we drove along the highway wishing for something more
But they say if you love something, you know you should let it go

Now we're cold as icebergs, we started to drift apart
A consequence that we knew right from the start

Bring your matches, and burn what's standing in the way
A thousand things to talk about, but a lack of meaningful things to say
Jealousy in different forms, all manifest into something more
There's nothing left for you to still believe

So say goodbye to all the lies we said we'd never tell
Say goodbye to all the late night conversations
Say goodbye to all the thin plans of a white veil

Cause this goodbye was never written in the constellations.
Track Name: Watch (Demo)

Watch the death, of your childhood friends
And go play in the shadows again
They never called and they never said why
When you passed them on the street, you never looked them in the eyes

Watch the time slipping through your fingertips
Embrace the skin-to-skin, ignore the color of the tulips, as they're
Starting to consume everything you ever knew
Drowning in their perfume as they cloud up your living room

Watch me fall
Watch me twirl
Watch me burn

Watch the cross, and the burning hillside
Push away the demons swallowed up by the tide
As I hand over the keys to a lighter time
And struggle to spit out this last goodbye

Douse the kerosene
Light the fuse
Watch me burn
Watch me fall
Watch me twirl
Watch me burn

This whole narrative comes undone
You never could stop the flood
Drive away from this empty air
Sucked out from this truth or dare

Watch me fall
Watch me twirl

Watch me burn.